Livro Thus Spake Zarathustra em inglês

Thus Spake Zarathustra Nietzsche - Livro completo para download e leitura no computador, tablet ou celular.

Livro Thus Spake Zarathustra em inglês

Zarathustra's Prologue
I - The Three Metamorphoses
II - The Academic Chairs of Virtue
III - Backworldsmen
IV - The Despisers of the Body
V - Joys and Passions
VI - The Pale Criminal
VII - Reading and Writing
VIII - The Tree on the Hill
IX - The Preachers of Death
X - War and Warriors
XI - The New Idol
XII - The Flies in the Market-place
XIII - Chastity
XIV - The Friend
XV - The Thousand and One Goals
XVI - Neighbour-Love
XVII - The Way of the Creating One
XVIII - Old and Young Women
XIX - The Bite of the Adder
XX - Child and Marriage
XXI - Voluntary Death
XXII - The Bestowing Virtue
XXIII - The Child with the Mirror
XXIV - In the Happy Isles
XXV - The Pitiful
XXVI - The Priests
XXVII - The Virtuous
XXVIII - The Rabble
XXIX - The Tarantulas
XXX - The Famous Wise Ones
XXXI - The Night-Song
XXXII - The Dance-Song
XXXIII - The Grave-Song
XXXIV - Self-Surpassing
XXXV - The Sublime Ones
XXXVI - The Land of Culture
XXXVII - Immaculate Perception
XXXVIII - Scholars
XXXIX - Poets
XL - Great Events
XLI - The Soothsayer
XLII - Redemption
XLIII - Manly Prudence
XLIV - The Stillest Hour
XLV - The Wanderer
XLVI - The Vision and the Enigma
XLVII - Involuntary Bliss
XLVIII - Before Sunrise
XLIX - The Bedwarfing Virtue
L - On the Olive-Mount
LI - On Passing-by
LII - The Apostates
LIII - The Return Home
LIV - The Three Evil Things
LV - The Spirit of Gravity
LVI - Old and New Tables
LVII - The Convalescent
LVIII - The Great Longing
LIX - The Second Dance-Song
LX - The Seven Seals
LXI - The Honey Sacrifice
LXII - The Cry of Distress
LXIII - Talk with the Kings
LXIV - The Leech
LXV - The Magician
LXVI - Out of Service
LXVII - The Ugliest Man
LXVIII - The Voluntary Beggar
LXIX - The Shadow
LXX - Noontide
LXXI - The Greeting
LXXII - The Supper
LXIII - The Higher Man
LXXIV - The Song of Melancholy
LXXV - Science
LXXVI - Among Daughters of the Desert
LXXVII - The Awakening
LXXVIII - The Ass-Festival
LXXIX - The Drunken Song
LXXX - The Sign


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